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An Open Letter To All Educators

Dear Educators,

When I was in high school, I never knew what I wanted to be outside of school. This was until I met my English teacher of three years. She was an excellent teacher full of life and made every lesson enjoyable enough not to lose focus. Her warm personality made everyone in the classroom feel safe, and if we were ever struggling on a topic, she would make sure she could explain it and help us with it until we understood it. My favorite teachers will always be the ones you can build a solid foundation with and trust with anything. She inspired me even to further my education, which is only going to better my future.

Whether you are a high school teacher, dance teacher, or even just a preschool teacher such as myself, you need to give yourself more credit than you have been receiving. Hell, even if you’re a retired teacher or a teacher who just figured out teaching wasn’t suitable for yourself and have moved on to another job, you still deserve a pat on your back. I am currently going back to school to try and obtain a greater degree and make more money than I make at the current moment. These days of working

We are the ones shaping children’s lives and ensuring they are getting the proper knowledge they need to function as everyday humans. I would even say we’re like a second set of parents to them. Some days are more complex than others, and some days I feel like I fail them. Between buying our supplies occasionally, lesson planning, and making sure we meet their everyday needs, It can be pretty stressful. Just know you’re doing the best you can, and these kids appreciate you, and they look forward to the environment you create for them every day.

Without teachers, we wouldn’t have doctors, nurses, surgeons, or anything that could save lives. I want to say happy teachers’ appreciation week to all educators out there; even if you do not think you are making a difference, trust me, you are.


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