Where Your Favorite Challenge Players Are Today

With the challenge of having the best ratings, it’s had in years and the all-star season now airing, I figured I would dedicate this episode to where the cast is now!

  1. Coral Smith 

First, we will start with the main queen, CORAL. Coral first appeared on MTV back in 2001 in the real world, back in New york. You probably know her from the challenge, though. Corals stats are impressive, with four finals, a single win, and only six seasons. She was feisty, not afraid of any of the other competitors, and don’t forget, and she doesn’t wrestle, she beats bitches up. But most of you may be wondering where she is today. She went on to host the reunion of the natural world Portland and its after shows. According to Google, she is now residing in San Francisco and a fantastic mother.

2. Derrick Kosinski

My first challenge season I’ve ever watched was the island. That season was filled with misogyny, backlash, and hunger. After that season, I skipped duel two and was quite impressed with Derrick on the ruins. Derrek holds three impressive wins under his belt. We last saw him in one of the most gruesome eliminations to date, ultimately sealing his fate into being one of the most badass challenge vets. Currently, you can catch him on the challenge Allstars

3. Landon Lueck

Landon is one of the top challenge players to have ever played this show. For what his social game lacked, he made up for when it came to daily and eliminations. Landon single handily won fresh meat two and was the kindest partner towards one-hit-wonder Carly. Only being on four seasons, he has won three of them. Landon is rumored to be a dental equipment and technology specialist.  

4.  Theo Von

Theo Von is now one of the funniest and most known stand-up comedians ever to come off the challenge. He hosts “This past weekend podcast” His challenge record holds two wins on the original Gauntlet and Battle of the sexes 2. His Instagram is also quite impressive, so check it out! @theovon 

5. Abram Boise

Oh, Abram. One of the craziest, light-hearted, hardest working challengers to date. His challenge record holds two wins being the inferno and the inferno 3. He has moved on from his challenging relationship with Cara Maria to a happy wedding in 2019. He also creates unique art and is still friends with Cohutta, according to their social media profiles. 

6. Evelyn Smith

Also, apart from the island, she is my top female competitor due to her f*CK your alliance speech. If you have not seen it, please take the time to look it up on youtube or paramount+. She is a three-time challenge champ taking home the winning titles in the inferno three, the island, and rivals. As of 2015, she works as a fellow for human rights programs in Cambodia. She is defining what a competitor should be and would still thrive in today’s changes to the show.

7. Mike “The Miz” Mizania

Also, in the exact real-world as coral, he is mainly known for being a WWE Superstar. He has won Battle of the sexes and the inferno two. He also has hosted champ vs. stars and is currently married. His most recent hosting gig was on Cannonball.

8. Sarah Rice

Camp counselor Sarah was one of the more sunny contestants. We saw her ravish her way through the ruins and cement her legendary status with her win in Battle of the exes two and rivals 3. Sara is currently running the Brain Candy podcast with fellow challenge mate Susie Meister. 

Honorable mentions who still you can catch on the challenge;

Wes Bergmann – my favorite male challenger of all time, also owns a monster truck.

Johnny Bananas – Seems to be taking time off after his win on total madness, currently hosting celebrity sleepover, and still the goat proven by his seven wins.

CT- Still a monster, won another season, in the most excellent shape he’s been in since bloodlines. I can’t wait to see what he brings in the upcoming seasons. 

Darrell – Won four seasons back to back and is currently back for more on the challenge Allstars.

Diem Brown – Rest in Peace. If you haven’t seen her journey play out on tv and are a newly found challenge champ, I suggest watching fresh meat 1, the duel, and exes 2.

Ryan Knight – Ryan does not get the same amount of remembrance that Diem does for different circumstances, but he was still one of the funniest challenge players to grace our screens. Rest in peace, Ryan.

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