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8 Ways To Have A Covid Safe Summer In 2021

With things slowly but surely getting back to normal during this pandemic, I figured why not write a blog post that can give ideas on what to do during this limited time? So if you are looking for fun summer ideas, here a few that can get you out of the house during your lazy Saturday.

  1. Pick Strawberries

Because what’s a sweeter treat than pickin’ strawberries on a warm summer day?

2. Go To The Beach

After rarely being in the sun for a year, I’m pretty excited to catch some rays and finally get a tan.

3. Go Wine Tasting

Nothing like the refreshing taste of Summer Sangria, am I right?

4. Hiking

This is free, so it automatically makes the list.

5. Set Up A Drunken Water Slide

Spritzers and sprinklers, enough said.

6. Catch Fireflies

Sit outside, watch a beautiful sunset, and then catch the fireflies.

7. Have A Bonfire

Nothing better than sitting around the fire with your loved ones sharing stories.

8. Host A Backyard Bbq

Early 2000s music, burgers, and a pool, what else could you ask for on a hot day?

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