Top 10 Summer Anthems Of All Time

* Alexa, play all summer long*

Whether you are heading to the beach to sip on a tropical drink or even just sitting in bed reading a novel, you know what time of the year it is. Its summer. A summer playlist should make backyard BBQs turn into a riot, a first date memorable, or giving an ode to your car. This playlist right here might be the most necessary thing you read all summer long.

“A Summer Song” by Chad & Jeremy 1964

Two older ( and attractive if I might add) musicians who swept the 1964s summer with this song. This song is entangled with brassy accents and a guitar that will memorize you and your Spotify list.

“Schools Out for Summer” Alice Cooper 1972

This song perfectly explains what the last day of school is like, which is pretty much the best day of the year for students.

​”Summertime” DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 1991

This song really doesn’t need an explanation. And if you do need one, just watch the music video posted.

“Kokomo” the Beach Boys 1988

Personally, this is my favorite song on this list. While it had received negative reviews during the summer of 1988 it had also gone onto be one of the most iconic songs of that decade

​”Ride wit Me” Nelly 2001″

his was one of the first rap songs my parents and I could agree on. This is a song that should make you want to jump in your car and go on a road trip as soon as possible. The vibes of this song are uplifting and positive. 

Girlfriend Remix –  *Nsync & the Neptunes 2002

While we are on the topic of Nelly, let’s bring this absolute banger into it. This remixed was released right before the summer of 2002. Nelly and the Neptunes were brought in to give a feel-good remix. This song would go onto peak at #5 of the billboard hot 100 that summer. 

“Summer of 69” Bryan Adams 1985

This song is a straight classic. It captures a time period where you felt invincible and summertime consisted of fun nostalgia that would last for years to come.

​”Wild Thoughts” Rihanna and DJ Khaled 2017

This song was released in 2017 but it worked its way up the charts in summer 2018 as well. Wild Thoughts was the lead singer of my playlist during my 21st summer, a summer I will never forget.

“The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley 1984

With seagull calling and an outdated musical piece, this song may not be any millennial’s first choice. This song is about a summer love that had gotten away, and it would make a great song for a car ride to the beach.

“All Summer Long” Kid Rock 2007

I placed this one on my list because anyone, of any age, or race, or even gender, can enjoy this as a nice kickback song while sipping on that first summer beer.

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