7 Signs You May Be A Modern-Day Jackie Burkhart

If you thrive off of making men sweat, money, and glitter, you might be a real life Jackie.

7 Signs You May Be A Modern-Day Jackie Burkhart


Have you ever just looked at your peers and wonder why you are friends with them? Or have you wondered why you are dating a total dufus? Or why you just aren’t getting paid for gracing your fabulous presence to this world?

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following, you might just be Jackie Burkhart.

1. When you find yourself looking at men as nothing more than meat.

You can ask any one of my friends, that I don’t plan on settling down anytime soon. Why settle down when you can play real life teeter-totter, without getting hurt yourself?

2. You own your attitude.

There is no shame in having self-love, regardless of who you are. After all, who has your back more than you do?

3. You don’t have the energy to waste on negative things.

Like Jackie, you like everything in your life to be on-point perfect. You don’t have time for fake friends, cheating boyfriends, and miserable people overall.

4. You are selfless, on occasion.

Around your town, school, job, or wherever you may be, you are known as the girl with major RBF, or resting bitch face. But underneath it, you are actually a sweetheart.

5. You are in the holiday spirit, always.

You love all holidays, for the right reasons clearly.

6. You love hard.

Like Jackie, you will fight for what you love. No matter how many times a person can do something on the wrong side to you, you forgive them out of love.

7. You love yourself even more.

With that being said, and stated previously, you love yourself. If you could clone yourself and marry yourself, you would.

If you have any of these tendinces, you might just be a current day Jackie Burkhart.


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