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Our Generation Is Too Blinded By The Journey To Finding A Soulmate

Why do we settle for less? Is it the comfortability? The feeling of having a stable life? This question has answered itself.

During our most recent snow storm up north lately, I stumbled upon a Netflix stand up, a show called “Jigsaw.” The “joke” that ended more than 4,500 relationships. The moral of this Netflix flick is that people idealize love so much they forget what it’s actually about. Being in love, having that warm fuzzy feeling, and actually feeling connected to someone’s soul. These are are some of my favorite points during this film, with a twist.

1. This generation is obsessed with starting life early

We are so under the influence of social media that we are creating lives that aren’t our own. This generation just wants to be grown so bad, that we are forgetting how to live in the moment. This is an issue in the modern world. I know 15-year-olds who are living life at a faster past than me. When I was 15 the last thing that occurred in my mind was a relationship. Nowadays young people are so focused on having sex at such an early age, wearing more make up then a Kardashian, and getting Instagram likes, that they don’t even know what its like to actually have fun and live in the moment.

2. Why do we insist on settling for the wrong person?

If we settle for every wrong person, how are we suppose to meet the right one? If you’re not compatible with someone why would you want to be with them? I for one want to be with someone who has the same interests as me, or treats me like they actually care about my interests. Why do we settle for less? Is it the comfortability? The feeling of having a stable life? This question has answered itself.

3. People are more in love with the idea of love than the person they are with

To be accepted and to be loved and married, is mostly everyone’s dream in life. We promote perfect romance ideology to make the younger generation think they need to find that at such a young age. It’s not true. You are going to go through about five different women or men in an average life until you meet your soulmate. The fact that we promote such obscene behavior at such a tender age is exactly what’s wrong in this world. We should be promoting a healthier lifestyle of independence. While it is okay to find love at such a young age, you should still be your own person.

These are just three points that stuck out the most to me in this film. My point of view is, love is a rare and beautiful thing. You won’t get to experience that if you settle for the wrong partner in life. Instead of idolizing the thought of love, we should be idealizing actually experiencing being in love. And when people ask me why I’m still single, I will tell exactly that.

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