The Destruction Of Millennials

Never did I think at age twenty-three I would still be questioning the communication skills of my peers. As a young adult, it should not be that hard to acquire the skills to hold a lengthy and meaningful conversation. What is it about modern technology today that ruins any skills we once had?
In this day and age, social media apps have ruined communication skills and what people should be benefiting from in relationships, friendships included. Instagram is the perfect example of seeing a fairly attractive person and messaging them based on looks. Whatever happened to getting to know someone for their personality? I seem to also compare myself to people on my social media feeds wondering why I can’t be or look like them. The amount of false hope social media gives people is not acceptable. The most unsettling thing I struggle with in my life is not letting go of the fact that this generation just does not have the same heart like mine.

I thrive for deep conversations. I enjoy hearing stories about people and their lives. My energy reflects those who feel like sunshine. The people I tend to surround myself with are people who have stories to tell. One of my favorite things to do is get a blanket in the winter and go to the beach and sit with close friends and share about our favorite past times and what we look forward to in life. Sometimes I will go to the city to sit at Rittenhouse Square Park by myself just to reflect on life. I wish I could meet more people with the same motives as that rather than worrying about why they aren’t good enough like social media tells them be.

Because I have been feeling this way I am making the decision to not post a single photo to instagram for the next 30 days. At the end of 30 days I will do a follow up blog about it and if it was rejuvenating or not.

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