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Cheers to Twenty-Four

Age 23 sucked. There is nothing more I can say about it. I sat in the hospital as I watched my best friend pass away, I fell out of love with friends and family members, and covid-19 shut the world down. I lost myself in many ways but I learned a few lessons along the way.

1.You Do Not Have To Have Everything Figured Out

For so long I wanted to have my life planned out. I put so much pressure on myself that I forgot what I wanted in the process. Covid happened and I found myself applying for a new job that I hated, which lead me to my current job as a virtual tutor and full-time preschool teacher, and this job won’t be my forever either. If you are confused as to what you want, don’t stress.

2. You Will Lose The People Closest To You

Sometimes people are selfish and will blame you for something ending, sometimes it really is your fault. People grow apart for a reason, and this is something you will learn throughout your 20s. You will also grow from this. You can’t force friendships that arent there anymore. 

3. The More You Fail, The Closer To Success You Are

At this age, your greatest accomplishment is not your experience, but your time. Time gives you the opportunity to take big risks, risks that may fail you in the long run. When you are this young you have nothing to lose. Maybe you and your friends came up with a crazy idea for an app while you were drunk one night, maybe you wanna travel for a year, and then go back to school. These are things you can only get away with while you are young. 

4. Everything Is Going To Work Out

What’s the saying? When one door closes another one opens? This is beyond true. I lost a stable part-time job and had to finish my hardest semester online. From that, I found a full-time job that made me realize I do not wanna work with children forever, and I was able to change my major and still graduate on time. I lost close friendships but gained even closer ones who now feel like family. Every loss is a new gain. Even if it feels like the end of the world, it’s not. 

Cheers to 24! Can’t wait to see what this chapter brings. 

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