Forever And Always

What is the meaning of living life? Is it just going to work and having a family? Are you living for other people or yourself? Recently I have been learning what life is really about, and it’s not how most people are living their lives. My last blog post talked about how I lost a few people close to me in the last few years but last week I lost someone I considered my sister. Her name is Breanne. We can call her Bre for short. Bre was the definition of what strength is and what it should look like. Bre was the recipient of an artificial heart from 2016-2019. She received this after her heart transplant rejected. During this time the doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk. She told them other wise and taught her self to walk again. Any obstacle that came her way, she overcame it. Breanne is my biggest inspiration in life and I never felt that type of love for a friend as I did her. Someone so kind and caring. She always put other people first even though her condition prevented her from living a normal life. She never let that hold her back.
She taught me in life that I absolutely have to not have limits and just live for me and in to live in the moment. While some of her days weren’t the best she made sure the next day was even better.
Have you ever heard of sunshine on a rainy day? That was Breanne. Breanne makes me want to better myself for me and everyone around me and not give a second thought about what anyone else thinks.
I will never forget the time I was going through a break up while she was in the hospital unsure of how her outcome was going to be. She told me to never feel bad for crying about my problems in front because nobody’s problems are more meaningful then the others.

I will forever be grateful for our friendship and all the life lessons you have shared with me. Love you forever sunshine. Nothing can take that away
She shared some of her writings about her journey that could really brighten up anyone’s day.

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