As Long As You Feel The Pain, You’re Still Alive

As long as you feel the pain, you’re still alive, is my favorite quote of all time. Susan Gale coined this quote a few years back and it has since stuck with me. To me, I have lost 3 people in the last few years to untimely deaths and it just reminds me to feel alive, even in my lowest moments.

I use to think I felt “dead”. I didn’t understand my reasoning of being here on earth. I couldn’t find any hobbies, my passion for writing was gone, and quite frankly sometimes I still don’t see my purpose. (See my previous post) That’s not what this blog is going to be about today. The reason I started writing was to make differences in peoples lives, not tell them it’s okay to feel lost.

Pain doesn’t define you, nor will it ever. Pain in this life will NEVER stop coming your way. There will always be something, or someone we wish we could change. The weight this brings on you, is how you treat and handle the stress that comes along with it. You can either sulk in your own feelings, or change for the better.

I have friends who have dealt with suicidal thoughts, infertility, substance abuse, and everything in between. Every single one of them has managed to pull themselves out of it or make the best of every situation. dying, not getting pregnant, and using drugs to soothe the pain you feel is not the end of you.

I know change can seem intimidating, but everything will fall into place with faith and trust in yourself. When I am feeling lost I have a tendency to do unpredictable things and go to lengths I would never do, just to feel anything. Whether it’s taking a trip to the beach, getting a tattoo, or even typing up an article, I have done it all. You have to find your happy medium because pain is only temporary. Why waste your life dwelling on something you can’t change. Come alive, just don’t exist.

As long as you feel the pain your still alive, as long as you make mistakes you’re still human, and as long as you keep trying, there’s still hope.

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